Family Care

The reality is that there is still so much poverty in our community. Large families, with multiple children, deal with unemployment due to lack of education or do to discrimination. Many of these families are only depending on a single mother because the father left the family or is currently in jail. Also, children that find themselves in families that face this issue are more likely to not attend school or dropout before getting a diploma.

There are many families in our community that don’t have the possibility to satisfy their basic needs, such as food, water etc. and these families are the ones that we as a foundation want to care for and help. Most families receive food, clothing and medicine, but there are families that even need financial support. We started the Family Care project in January 2008, through which families are provided with support for one time or monthly expenses. Foundation Charis always manages the money. This means that if a family has a specific need they can request a grant, for example to buy medicine, food, wood, diapers, pay bills etc.


The only way that it is even possible for us to truly help these families financially is through the help of people that are willing to sponsor our foundation through one time or monthly donations. We would like to continue growing this project so that we can help more families in need.

We have some good news related to this matter: You can help too. For €40 a month, you can help a family on a short-term or long-term basis as we encourage and help them live independently. When they become independent, you can choose to end supporting this project or you can choose to support another family. In this way, you also get to see, alongside us, the amazing results of what it means to help a family in need.