Family Care

There is much poverty in the Roma community here. Big families deal with unemployment and many are depending on single mothers as the husband has left or is in jail. Elderly people get a small subsidy but it’s not enough to live on.


We started the Family Care project in January 2008 to help families with their daily needs. The project helps, by providing grants or support for one-time or monthly expenses, so these families won’t go hungry.

Foundation Charis manages the money so that if a family has a need, they can request a grant, for example, to buy medicine, or for daily needs like wood, diapers, bills, etc.

The good news is that you can also help! For 40 euros a month, you can help a family on a short-term basis as we encourage and help them live independently. When they become independent, your support comes to an end, or you can choose to support another family. In this way, you also get to see and feel the direct result or your support and what it achieves!


Sponsor a family