Educational Group

Education is key to effecting positive change. Because of that, it’s one of the main pillars of our work here in Romania. When people hear the word “education”, they usually think of children. Everyone wants to help a sweet child they see in a photo, but there is more to consider.

Many adults didn’t finish primary school and are unable to read or write. Because they don’t have these basic skills, they’re unable to teach or nurture their children. That’s why we’ve also started an educational group for the adults.

Every two weeks, the adult group meets to receive general education on child rearing, basics of medical care, diet, hygiene, etc. As a way to encourage this adult education, we make it a requirement, as they request help with goods or materials. In this way we’re not only helping the adult community with immediate, short-term needs, but also giving them opportunities for positive long-term change.