Educational Group

One of the main pillars of our foundation is Education, as we believe that it brings positive change in people’s lives. When we mention or hear the word education we tend to think about children and young people, but we also have to think about adults that face educational problems. 

Many adults don’t finish primary school and sadly enough some have never learned how to read or write. Since these people don’t have the basic skills that they need for future generations, they find themselves in the situation of not being able to help their children with their homework or even nurture them the correct way. This is also the exact reason why we as a foundation have decided to start this project and invest in it.

This education group takes place twice a month and throughout this project adults, mostly women that are mothers, receive general education information on child rearing, basics of medical care, healthy diet information, hygiene, etc. We try to encourage people to take this educational class and if they come regularly, they can also receive help if they request any goods or materials. In this way, we don’t just help the community with immediate, short-term needs, but we give them the opportunity for positive long-term changes.

As we go we learn and every step of the way has been a journey but we are excited to see how this project further develops and changes over the years.