If you walk through the neighborhood you would notice many different houses. Some of the houses are considered to be good and safe to live in because they protect the people against the harsh weather, here in Romania. Unfortunately, there are many families and elderly people that don’t find themselves as lucky as others, most of which live in hovels or substandard housing, with leaking roofs and conditions that are not healthy or safe to live in.

We truly believe that all people have the right to a warm and safe place that they can call their home. We are so thankful that with the help of some amazing groups from abroad, we have had the opportunity to renovate several houses for people that are in need. Our mission is not to build huge houses, but we aspire to facilitate houses that are safe to live in, that are warm, and adequate for the people and children from our community.

Some houses were reconstructed, but some of the houses in the community have been worked on by replacing all the windows, doors, and stoves. We also hope that through our help the people feel like they’re not alone in their journey, we also hope that we can raise the standards of their living situation, bring alongside with it hope and encouragement, and a sense of value.

We could use your help!

There is still plenty of work that must be done in our neighborhood, and we believe that renovating and reconstructing houses for people in need can be an unforgettable and rewarding experience! If you or a group have been touched by our project and would be excited to help us with such a beautiful task, please let us know by contacting us. We are sure that together we can find an amazing opportunity.