ABC Class


Foundation Charis is very grateful for the main sponsors of this project, a group of men from Kampen- Zuid in the Netherlands.


In the Roma neighborhood of Floresti, it is estimated that more than 50 children are currently not attending, or have never attended school. This is largely due to many parents not realizing the value or need for their children to attend school. Another factor for these parents is financial hardship and not having the money for basic school supplies. And understandably, many children don’t have the confidence or think they’re smart enough to attend school or are afraid of being bullied. They also don’t have access to government assistance, so without our help, these children would have a pretty bleak future. Education can really help provide the vital tools needed to bring big and lasting change to this Roma community and the future of these children.



In September 2015, Foundation Charis started the “ABC-Class”. Currently 10 children are attending this class and receive lessons in educational basics, reading and mathemetics.

We also provide a hot meal and some nurturing that the children aren’t always receiving at home. The children have really responded well to this as it provides an environment of love and trust which gives them hope and an awareness that they are valued. It’s been so encouraging to help guide these children towards hope in a better future!