Biserica “Apa Vie” (“Living Water” Church)

The founders of foundation Charis: Marien and Yvonne Kroon started the Living water church in 2009, offering the people that are seeking and thirsting for God, a place that they can call home and friends they can call family. What started as a small gathering in a rented space has grown into a beautiful group of people that has around 40 members involved. We have also been blessed with our own building. We have named this building Casa Agape, meaning House of Love.

You are welcome to visit our service!

Sunday afternoons 3:30 PM

Everyone is welcome at the Living Water Church. We believe in God the father, Jesus the son of God and the Holy Spirit and we most definitely are founded on the truth which is the word of God. Our permanent pastors are Marien and Yvonne Kroon, but we also have amazing guest speakers from all over the world that are willing to share the gospel with us. As a church we want to be right in the heart of society, with an eye for every individual and a heart to serve one another with love. The goal of this church is not necessarily to become a huge church, but our goal is to grow the love within this community, to bring people in fellowship with Christ and with each other.

Every Sunday we have a church program that starts at 3:30 pm. We start with coffee and tea after which we have a time of worship and preaching. We as a church have also decided to have activities all throughout the week, for both adults and children. Some of the activities include women’s program, men’s program, kids and teenagers program. Currently, we are reaching about 150 people each week with these programs!

Extra info: In July and August we normally start church at 10 am. This can change, so please contact us beforehand, if you would like to visit us.