Foodproject 2021

Posted on Jan 15, 2021

Every year in the coldest months we open the doors of Restaurant Charis for the people in the community. We found that in these months most of the people find themselves in serious financial problems due to unemployment and financial costs for wood to assure heating in their houses. Every week we come together and make a healthy and warm meal for free for the people to make sure that together with their family they won’t go to bed hungry. Normally we feed around 80 to 100 people every week through the help of our team and some amazing people from the neighbourhood. 

This year we will try to do things differently! Due to the government’s rules for the prevention of the COVID-19 virus we have been facing a lot of challenges on how to proceed in this project. We will, of course, follow the rules which means that we won’t be able to welcome people to eat inside Restaurant Charis.  But we came up with an amazing idea! This year we will open Restaurant Charis as a take-away restaurant. People can come and take a warm and healthy meal home. We feel that especially in this time, in which a lot of people in the neighbourhood lost their jobs, there are people that don’t have the financial stability to actually provide a warm meal for themselves and their families.

Therefore, we want to open Charis take-away for 1 month. Every week we want to make food for around 100 people. Due to the fact that we are opening the restaurant as a take-away restaurant we will need a bigger budget. We need to buy packing materials and we will need more food as we are planning to add more to their packages.


Our goal is to reach 2000 Euros. Would you like to help us feed a neighbourhood? Then donate now!

You can donate through our bank account:

EURO: RO23BTRL01304205F40558XX

RON: RO48BTRL01301205F40558XX

DUTCH ACCOUNT: NL 25 RABO 03668.36.242 (Earmark Voedselproject)