“Restaurant Charis” has opened again!

Posted on Jan 23, 2020

This week, “Restaurant Charis” has opened its doors again.

Restaurant Charis has been opening its doors in January and February for a number of years. The winter is keeping pretty well in the background this year. For the people from our neighborhood that saves by collecting wood. That does not mean that many people struggle to get through the winter and often have no money to put a normal meal on the table for their children.

That is why we have started the food project again this year.

Just like in previous years, it was again a great success. Around 80 people came for a warm, well-filling meal. Preparations were made with the help of the Charis Foundation team and a number of women from the neighborhood; doing shopping, cutting vegetables, and set the tables.

We want to do the food project for six weeks this year. Every week it costs around € 100 to feed around 80 children. With a hot meal that they can eat here in our warm building, we do not leave many of them in the cold.        For € 1.25 we can already give one child a meal.

You probably know the wonderful feeling of hot food or hot drink to warm up if you have been outside in the cold. This also applies to our people from the neighborhood.

We would like to help these people and you can help! By transferring a gift we can continue the food project for longer.

The gift will be used for purchasing food and the remainder of gifts will be used for the food project for next year.